I dedicate this post to Paul Veigl, Kimon Schmidt and Kamogelo Masoko who have always been my friends despite distance and time.  

Although this piece serves as a late post, I am still keen to pen it. It is effortless. And I suspect, this too is worth writing. I have found some kind of new perspective about live and knowing people and being a part of their lives, vice versa.

I would like to think that life is about been given chances and to amount the same to others. Not any given point in our lives did we know we will see each other again. Beyond imaginations, we only hoped but this past weekend it came to pass.

I have been given a chance to see my friends but at first were my German teachers back in South Africa. These are Kimon from Münich and Paul from Düsseldorf. Back in 2014, they were volunteers in a Non-Governmental Organisation called Kliptown Youth Program, popular known as KYP. This is a primary and secondary school education orientated organisation, or rather with a holistic approached structured organisation to support young people living in Kliptown. Included in it is cooking meals, offers computer classes, does sports and other additional activities. I met Kimon and Paul there who had dedicated themselves to spending a year on an exchange voluntary service, assisting in whatever possible ways. I suppose this kind of program is also known as a north-south exchange program.

But, one initial reason I got to know them was that they also offered German courses in the organisation. And then, and like before I came to Germany, I was a tutor at KYP: This place was also a place I can extend my hand to doing something in my broader community of Soweto (South Western Townships). I landed myself to a English reading project where I taught children from Grade 1 to 4 how to read, given the gap of the inability to read between this classes. This was my very best project in the space of doing humanitarian work. I will be forever grateful for the platform and of course the people who made it possible.

On that note, Kamogelo who literally introduced me to KYP after two years and six months that I worked for the department of Education also helping learners with school related things like home works, etc. Kamo is my friend and my brother with which our relationship has grown and has supricingly shown similar interests. For example we studied together at the university both studying our Bachelor degrees in Communication Science and also love volunteering in good initiatives like child related NGOs. I am pleased to have known him, to be encouraged and learn so much from him.

We have done much together. Kamo and I joined the German course with a burning desire to know an international language as media students. So, we did. He was given the opportunity to come to Germany last year and his term ends next week Tuesday the 15th of November. We have done our best to keep up our friendship dispite time and space via Skype and Facebook. And this is a take for me, to also know about  Germany from his view and how his year was.

Without expectations but anticipations, we hope to meet after over a year of not seeing each other here in Germany as I had already been given the opportunity to serve as a federal volunteer although in Berlin. He spent his year in Köln. We both devoted our time to learning the German language in a mist of so much we had still. The first year of learning came with great changes and consistent commitment.

Was it worth it?

I find it so because we have meet again. First in my home country, South Africa then home in Kimon and Paul´s home country. And of course were Kamogelo has earned himself a international work experience and a global perspectives.

Our reunion was planned shortly after some few days I landed here. I planned my autumn one week holidays to travel from Berlin to Aachen where I could meet Paul and spend three days with him. Its a beginning of a new semester and an academic year in Germany and perhaps this time sounds ideal to meet up before work piles up. Student live is great though. In three days starting off from Saturday evening to Wednesday morning this is how my days looks:

Travelling with public transport back and forth, any given time of the day…and, I literally mean it. Finding such transport convenience at odd times of the morning like 02:00 and 03:00 a.m is lit!

Then after a few days I visited Kamo in Köln. I found this interesting, looking forward to endless chats and doing a lot of working and being on the train like we used to in South Africa. A bit of craziness and fun.

Although my week was planned in this kind of fashion, the four of us set two days to spend together. Particularly the late Friday I had there. The plan was to have great chats, to have some drinks, to go around the city and to have fun.

Did we?

It was totally incredible seeing these guys. I am humble and I hope they had fun too.

This is a day I would not trade for anything. Every minute of laughter and everything we did in between was lit. A warm thank you.



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