Late Post: Brandenburger Tor

During Paul Veigl weekend visit in Potsdam. We walked through Berlin and visited Potsdam to catch drinks.

Paul is a good friend of mine whom I met in South Africa during his one year voluntary visit at Kliptown Youth Program (KYP). He was also teaching me German at an A1 level.

We have ever since being good friends, exchanging thoughts about various topics such as politics, university, life, history and all that is in between.

These pictures reflect and remind me of his visit and stop at Brandenburger Tor (to read more),  is a structure in Berlin, Germany. It is the only remaining gate through which people used to enter Berlin. It was built between 1788 and 1791. It is located between the Platz des 18. März and the Pariser Platz. Nearby to the north is the Reichstag building. During the Cold War, the Reichstag was in West Berlin, and the Brandenburger Tor in East Berlin (Wikipedia).

There is more to see. Berlin is an ideal place to stay in.

Feature image credit: creative commons/ Wikipedia




Image by Pocket mindfulness

I am frankly a planner. I am simply a time conscious person, always aiming for productivity, getting everything on the list done, making decisions about my life and future and so forth. Determined, aspiring and clear aims.

It is 4 months, 7 days today. I feel like I have been having more intra-personal conversations than interpersonal ones. Neither have I been writing. The new year I am declaring to be a beautiful one has started, but I soon realised how I have got into it without resolutions.

What does this mean?

Need I say, I am in a different context where I am constantly confronted by different things daily. It feels to me as a really eye opening phase in my life. Often also overwhelming.

I have set myself to no expectations. Like I have learnt in the last four months that in context much can be learned. I am learning about the kind of person I am, people around me and all linked to it. Without saying, it feels like I signed up to resolutions already. But frankly not.

Although saying I do not have resolutions, may sound as daunting as saying I have no plans thus far.

I am certainly still running my good cause. Simply volunteering, using my combination of love, kindness and happiness into it. But, I have concluded in the mist of everything that I just want to live. Perhaps I am determined to attaining certain things. Maybe using the word ´resolution´ is just not my intentions at all this year.

I just want to live. My intentions go beyond this “I am living life phrase”. Learning, loving, and being me.

My year is without resolutions. I am living life ❤