This is one of many untold stories. Or perhaps, many of late posts to come.

Second in a row, after winter in South Africa during last June to August 2016, I experienced a scotching long winter in Germany. Starting off with a warmish autumn full of rain. Then, a demand of not only wearing warm clothes, of re-working on the one`s winter collection. But somehow, totally unfriendly despite all efforts of wearing padded or double layered items. A winter looking like it intends not ending and by so doing, still revisiting us in so called spring.

This is one of my longest winter ever. At least with snow to make it magical, casting away the weather depression and dullness. The whiteness was total bliss, bringing light into darkness. Regardless of how the coldness turned, snow was a reason to be outside to take walks, throwing snow balls at each other and being childlike.

It was a beautiful thing irregardless. I suppose everybody would make up their own experience regarding this and that even people who have been exposed to snow have their own conclusions. Luckily enough, a couple of predictions on the weather turned to be so. I had being crossing my fingers, with many of my good friends here who had being hoping the best of snow to come. And, once I knew it, it had been tasked by kids in the kindergarten to make snowballs until my gloves got wet and fingers were stiff cold.

In my other learning curves, I did things I always wanted to do during snow, like eating snow, sliding down on snow and building my first snowman. What great attempts. I absolutely achieved these.

Some of my highlights was walking on a frozen lake: which of course had perks of ice-skating and people playing related sports like hockey. Unplanned visits to the lake have all being great. Not forgetting amazing experiences of hand measuring the thickness of the ice at the lake. The anticipation of some 12-13 cm was somehow one my geography lessons, I must say. I was patient and had not much reaching ideas, given that I am have weaknesses of ice-skating. Not even at an inch could I even say I am swimmer.

I am more just a “shoe slider”.

The feel of experiencing thick ice under your feet and dazzling sounds under the water is a surprising phenomenon. Seeing people coming out to ice skate on this ice which is in literal form, a lake is priceless. Unfortunately, I am not one with ice skating abilities. But literally shoe sliding on ice. That is what I am good with.

One of my highlights is finally trying out being a snow angel. I am totally humbled by taking quick lessons from one of the children from the kindergarten I volunteer at, named Waldorfpädagogik Havelhöhe kindergarten which is within the premises of Freie Waldorfschule Havelhöhe. Without any hesitation, I hopped into the lesson and pulled through as taught.

It has been now winter overdue. Winter is not ending. The only thing that seems to have being changing is plantations and the use of terms, with people of course, re-emphasising that is spring. My impatience is running out. My only hope is ultimate spring and the sun.

More like I expected a snowy and cold winter overseas, it has simply been long overdue.


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