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I am frankly a planner. I am simply a time conscious person, always aiming for productivity, getting everything on the list done, making decisions about my life and future and so forth. Determined, aspiring and clear aims.

It is 4 months, 7 days today. I feel like I have been having more intra-personal conversations than interpersonal ones. Neither have I been writing. The new year I am declaring to be a beautiful one has started, but I soon realised how I have got into it without resolutions.

What does this mean?

Need I say, I am in a different context where I am constantly confronted by different things daily. It feels to me as a really eye opening phase in my life. Often also overwhelming.

I have set myself to no expectations. Like I have learnt in the last four months that in context much can be learned. I am learning about the kind of person I am, people around me and all linked to it. Without saying, it feels like I signed up to resolutions already. But frankly not.

Although saying I do not have resolutions, may sound as daunting as saying I have no plans thus far.

I am certainly still running my good cause. Simply volunteering, using my combination of love, kindness and happiness into it. But, I have concluded in the mist of everything that I just want to live. Perhaps I am determined to attaining certain things. Maybe using the word ´resolution´ is just not my intentions at all this year.

I just want to live. My intentions go beyond this “I am living life phrase”. Learning, loving, and being me.

My year is without resolutions. I am living life ❤