The day that I got my first tattoo – live music was playing in the background und [and] some Donnerwetter [thunder weather] emerged. 🚀🎷🎶☁ 

You might find it interesting to ask why a rocket tatttoo. Reverting to the question, I would say, I know for sure that everybody, dispite who they are and where they come from, will reach their highest potential in something, someday. This  simply means, one’s purpose will spark at one point and whatever God has placed for them to be and to do at their best, will shine out in one of us.

The word potential is perhaps not a good word to use, but in this case, I choose to use this word as meaning both what one can work towards achieving and abilities one is born with.

I am optimistic about this and the inspiration is from all the kids I have worked with. Both here and in South Africa.

If you have worked with children, you will understand and most importantly start appreciating individuality, embracing the fact that, there is a rocket in all of us. What makes uniquely capable.

Be it groomed or ungrooomed, it takes a little while for all of us to unfold into what we can do at our level best. But because there are purposes why each of us lives, we are bound of reach our highest point of our developed selves, achieved and succeing  in doing what we love.

This is yet to take up, like a rocket. And it is called Potential.